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Want to live and work in the UK? The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) gives talented applicants the opportunity to immigrate to the UK.

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Work Permit Visa UK

Planning on working for a company in the UK? The Work Permit allows skilled employees to work for a company based in the UK.

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Worker Registration UK

Accession 8 National in the UK? You may be covered by this scheme if you want to work in the UK for more than one month.

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Business Visa UK

Want to run a business in the UK? The Business Visa encourages successful business people to settle in the UK and develop new or existing businesses.

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Family Visa UK

Want to be closer to your family? Under the Family class Visa, UK citizens and permanent residents can sponsor family members.

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Partner Visa UK

Want to join your partner/spouse in the UK? The UK Partner Visa is for people who want to come to the UK to join their partner or marry their UK fiancé.

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Student Visa UK

Want to study in the UK? The Student Visa allows overseas nationals to take advantage of a UK education and even work part-time.

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Visitor Visa UK

Want to travel to the UK? The UK Visitor Visa allows people to travel to the UK to sightsee or visit family and friends.

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Ancestry Visa UK

Grandparents born in UK? This visa is for people who want to live and work in the UK and can prove their UK ancestry.

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Most people who wish to rent property go through a real estate agent, which should have lists of available properties with monthly rental prices. It is also worth browsing real estate internet sites and daily newspapers for listings.

If going through a real estate agent, the application process is usually very thorough – you must supply such personal details as personal referees – i.e. persons who can vouch for your honesty and good character. If you are successful in your rental application, you will be required to pay at least one month’s rent up front, plus one month’s rent in ‘bond’, which is returned at the end of the rental period (usually 1 year) provided the property is kept in good condition by the occupant.

Rental prices vary, but as a general rule, inner-city housing is more expensive. If you do not mind traveling and wish to have a bigger house or just more space, then perhaps an outer-city property would suit. Renting houses in the country or rural towns is almost always cheaper; check local newspapers in the area you are looking to settle for further details. A list of rental agencies may also be obtained by the British Tourist Authority.

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