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About the UK

In this section, we hope to assist you with your understanding of the...

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The UK is a big immigration country: approximately a quarter...

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Travel Visa UK

Please remember, whether on business or on a holiday the short-term traveler...

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Many tourists choose backpacking as their preferred method of travel...

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Why do so many foreigners – either new immigrants or long-term permanent...

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The UK economy’s performance in recent years has been impressive...

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In general, it is compulsory for children aged 5 to 16 years in Britain to...

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Housing and living costs in the UK vary by region. As a general rule...

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Places to Visit

The UK is essentially an island kingdom rich in history and colour...

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Work, Study, Travel and Immigration Visas to the UK

This site offers you all that you need to know about the United Kingdom, whether you are planning to migrate, make a short visit, backpack or study at a UK school.

Contained in this site: all you need to know about planning your trip, including UK immigration and visas, customs entry and exit details, housing and employment matters, budget information, plus some additional fun information on the average British way of life, suggested places to visit, and even a few helpful cultural etiquette hints.

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